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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are you looking for the answer to a question? Below you will find a list of the questions most frequently asked by our clients and the corresponding answers. We hope this list will be of help.

1. What type of translation do I need?

There are two types of translation: standard and sworn.

Standard translation consists of translating unofficial documents that do not need to be presented to an official body. A few examples would be commercial, technical and editorial texts, which are produced according to the specific needs of an individual, a company or an organisation. A standard translation must be produced by a professional translator who is native in the target language, as the highest quality can only be achieved by a native speaker.

On the other hand, a sworn translation (also called a certified or official translation, among others) is legally valid and is required if any kind of document in a foreign language is to be presented to an official body (courts, notaries, public administrations, etc.). As this type of translation is legally valid, it can only be produced by a sworn translator. In Spain, sworn translators are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC). A sworn translation has to be printed on paper, since it must include the certification, seal and signature of the sworn translator who produced it and is legally responsible for its faithfulness to the original document. It is important to note that a sworn translator can only swear and certify that the translation is a true and accurate copy of the original; he/she is not responsible for the truthfulness or authenticity of the original document.

2. What is an Apostille and when is it necessary?

The Apostille of the Hague Convention is a special seal that certifies the authenticity of the signature on a public document that has been issued in a country that has signed the Hague Convention.

Through this certification the document is authenticated, meaning that it will be recognised in any other country of the Convention. If you would like to know whether a document requires an Apostille, you should ask the authority to which you must present it. We recommend that you clarify this ahead of time, in order to avoid any problems.

3. Where can I obtain an Apostille in Spain?

For administrative and judicial public documents, you should contact the Spanish Ministry of Justice or the Superior Court of Justice of one of the autonomous regions. For notarised documents, you should go to the relevant association of notaries.  Finally, if it is a legal public document issued by the Spanish Administrative Court or the Supreme Court, you should apply to the Government Secretaries of the respective courts.

4. Does the Apostille need to be translated as well?

Yes. If a document has been authenticated by an Apostille, it must be included in the sworn translation, otherwise the document will not be accepted by the relevant authorities. It is important to highlight that the Apostille must be attached to the original document, i.e. before the sworn translation is produced.

5. How can I request a quote for a translation?

You can request a quote in several ways:

By e-mail: write to if you need a standard translation or to if you need a sworn translation.

By phone: during office hours, call us at + 34 951 137 225 or message us via Whatsapp at + 34 622 470 024.

At our office: come to our office in person and bring us the document that needs translating. Our office is located at

C/ Enrique Scholtz 4, 1st floor, Office 10, 29007 Málaga, in the centre of Malaga.

Via our website: use our online calculator to work out the price of your translation easily and quickly, just go to the relevant section on our website ( After selecting the type of translation that you need, simply follow the steps on screen and fill out the form, confirming your request at the end.

6. Is there a limit on the number of words that can be translated?

No, there is no limit to the length or type of text we can translate for you. Extremely short texts will be charged at a minimum fee – the amount depending on the language combination and the type of translation required (standard or sworn) – and we will apply quantity discounts to very long texts.

7. How do I provide BigBabbling with the texts or documents that need translating?

When you ask for a quote via email or via our website, we recommend that you attach the text that needs translating to your request. This way the quote you receive will be more precise and the whole process will be quicker.

Should the text be on paper, you can simply scan it or take a good quality photo of it and attach this instead. Otherwise, feel free to bring the text to our office in person or send it to us by courier.

8. When will you start working on my translation?

We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your written acceptance of the quote (by email or by signing the quote at our office) and make the corresponding payment via one of the methods available to you.

9. What payment methods are available to me?

Our terms of payment are indicated in the quote that we send you.

If you are an individual, you will have to provide us with written acceptance of the quote (by email or by signing the quote in person at our office) and pay the corresponding amount in order to confirm the project. Your payment options are:

– by bank transfer to the account ES12 1465 0100 9519 0063 5175

– by Paypal or by card at

– in cash upon receiving the translation

If you are a company, a project manager will explain to you how to proceed with payment, as it will depend on the type of order you have requested.

10. When will my translation be delivered?

The delivery date of a standard translation varies depending mainly on the number of words in the original document. A professional translator can generally translate around 1,500 words per day, meaning an estimated delivery date can be calculated instantly. Nevertheless, if the delivery date we offer you does not suit your needs, feel free to inform us and we will try to adjust it. On the other hand, the delivery date of a sworn translation is calculated based on the number of pages in the original document (two pages to a sheet) and the language combination requested. In most cases, it takes around 48 hours to deliver a sworn translation of a document of up to three pages.

11. Do you offer an express service?

Yes, we do! When sending us your request, please inform us of the date on which you would like to receive the translation. We can then determine whether the normal service will apply, meaning the translation will be delivered on the standard delivery date, or whether the express service will apply, meaning the translation will be delivered before the standard delivery date. The express service is more expensive than the normal

12. Can I contact you for an update on the project once I have confirmed the order?

Of course! Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding the translation process. We like to help our clients to understand our work and we always try to keep them informed of how the project is going.

13. How and in what format will I receive my translation?

If it is a standard translation and unless otherwise agreed, it will be delivered by email in the same format in which the source file was received. If it is a sworn translation, the format depends on the service you request: the low-cost service includes the sworn translation delivered in paper format, whereas the premium service also includes a digital copy (PDF format), so that you can use it for procedures over the internet, if necessary.

14. Do I have to pay for a review if I find mistakes in my translation?

If you are not satisfied with the translation or you find a mistake, please contact us immediately and explain the problem. After reviewing the translation and checking whether mistakes really have been made, we will proceed to correct the text free of charge, making sure that it is of the highest quality.

15. What should I do if I need a certified copy of a sworn translation that you produced for me some time ago?

You can request a certified copy of a sworn translation at any time. Just send us an email with your contact details, attach the relevant document and tell us the date on which you confirmed the order. We can then track the project reference number we assigned to your project and thus proceed to make the certified copy. The price of a certified copy corresponds to 25% of the price that you paid for the sworn translation. However, if we notice that the document you send us is different to the original document that we produced, we will have to evaluate the differences in order to establish the final price of the sworn translation (as it would no longer be a “certified copy”).

Any other questions?

Just contact us and we will answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

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